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Political Policies Between The United States and The Soviet Union During the 1970s
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One can not effectively interpret world political policies of the 1970"s without the inclusion of the relationship known as d?â?®tente, and the breakdown there of. The breakdown of the 1970"s d?â?®tente can be attributed to many different issues and events. In researching these events the varying opinions from both world superpowers which would establish the failure of d?â?®tente in history, as a breakdown in communication and talks between the United State"s White House and the Soviet Union"s Kremlin with the collapse of d?â?®tente marking the end of the 1970"s. During the 1976 presidential campaign, the tension between the objective of...
administrations was the lack of diplomatic talks between the east and west blocs. The SALT II talks marked the very first and last time that Brezhnev and Carter would meet to discuss international relations Lynch 1992.

As the 1980"s began the United States were left in wonder as to what had gone wrong in the 1970"s with the very real prospect of d?â?®tente. The loss of Iran, the invasion of Afghanistan, the Jackson Amendment, SALT II talks on weapons and the misunderstandings of both superpowers on the very idea of d?â?®tente all lead to its breakdown in the 1970"s.

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