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The 1960s
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It may have been a decade of a myriad of effulgent paintings and intrepid space excursions, but for most people, resplendent canvases don't come near the cranium when someone mentions the 1960s. So just what do we associate the decade with? The most intriguing part of our prior erudition: hippies, flower power, peace, love, drugs, and Woodstock! All of the preceding are the very essence of the '60s in America; all of them had a distinct impact on the world. Presumably the most prominent aspect of the '60s was the evolution of the youthful generation into a powerful strong-minded group...
and all of the pot they could smoke. Hell's Angels were hired as the security, helping to portray the casual air of freedom at the festival.

The 1960s helped define our country today. If it weren't for the bold defiance of a violent oppressed nation, we wouldn't be able to exercise many of the freedoms that we now deem human rights. We've learned that through demonstration, the people can induce changes on the national level. We can always look back on the generation to remind us that the United States of America is still all about "We, the People."

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