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In Cleveland, Ohio, on May 6, Emma Goldman, The Anarchist, gave a speech.
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In Cleveland, Ohio, on May 6, Emma Goldman, "The Anarchist," gave a speech. She outlined the principles and methods of anarchy in this beautiful speech, where she said, "We ?óÔé¼?ª desire complete individual liberty, and this can never be obtained as long as there is an existing government." Toward the end of her speech, Goldman said that most Anarchists were not violent; she added that she believed in their motives, since some people are unable to act without force. All the while, police were ready to arrest her if she said anything too radical. The entire time, Leon Czolgosz was...
No one else told me to do it, and no one paid me to do it" 4. This was impressive since he could have pled insane or blamed and sentenced other people to death. Leon was sentenced to death. Days later, he was electrocuted for a minute before he died. McKinley had already been dead since September 14, 1901. McKinley's assassination was a turning point in the Secret Service's protection policies and yet another example of the inconsistent security around Presidents. The assassination also decimated anarchist groups. Most importantly, Teddy Roosevelt, the leader of numerous reforms, became the President.
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