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The Sudetenland
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On January 30, 1933, the Nazis acquired mastery of Germany when Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor. That evening Hitler stood triumphantly in the window of the Reich Chancellery waving to thousands of storm troopers who staged parades throughout the streets of Berlin. The Nazis proclaimed that their Third Reich would be the greatest civilization in history and would last for thousands of years. But the meteoric rise of Hitler and national socialism was followed by an almost equally rapid defeat; the Third Reich survived for a mere twelve years. But one of the main causes of World War II was...
waving the letter to cheerful crowds, believing that the peace of Europe was assured for a generation. The belief was not shared by Hitler who despised Chamberlain as a weakling. "Our enemies are little worms," he said a year later. "I saw them at Munich."

In conclusion, Hitler"s victory was complete: the Sudetenland was his. While there were still a few minor details to sort out, Adolf Hilter had gotten what he had come for. However, in March 1939, the Munich pact was nullified when the Germans invaded Czecho-Slovakia and subsequently made most of the country a German protectorate.

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