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Truman Doctrine
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"I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure." Harry Truman mach 1947. This is part of the speech Harry S. Truman gave to congress on the behalf of small countries falling to the pressures of communism. The Truman Doctrine was a anti-communist foreign policy that would change of the world. Turkey and Greece were under a great threat by the Soviet-supported rebels seeking to topple the government and install communist power. This made the United States and especially Truman very...
what if the doctrine wasn"t passed? Communism most likely would still be trying to take over and we might have been one of those countries. Truman wanted to restore balance and didn"t have the intention of policing the world. The Truman Doctrine ensures that even without a direct threat to america we must use American lives to protect our freedom Freeland pg. 124. In conclusion, people believe the Truman Doctrine was a very bad thing for America, but I on the other hand think that it is what makes us who we are today: The United States of America.
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