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Briefly describe the major Un institutions, focusing on their membership and function. In what areas has the UN been successful in achieving its objectives? In what areas has it failed?
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There are many alarming global problems and international conflicts, which are in need of interest. It is therefore important that there is an international platform or organization that enables states to resolve their conflicts and disputes through peaceful means international norms. This aspiration can be realized effectively via the establishment of universally accepted norms, rules and regulations. These establishments in turn become habitual and legitimized through constant policing by powerful states and assimilation into certain institutions. Once institutionalized, sovereign states could then work together through a defined structure and rules, respecting each other member's autonomy. Despite all this, through...
in these countries and no able to sent resources to support the troops.

In conclusion, despite all the failures and apparent flaws of the United Nations, it is still regarded as one of the most successful international institutions of this era. Nevertheless, it still should focus on reforming its structure and outset in order to attract new members and be able to uphold its ideals such as peace, equality, justice and aid in the development of the less developed countries. Only then would the United Nations truly be considered as the successful international institution.

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