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Canada"s Immigration Policy
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Are immigrants in Canada a benefit, or a burden? They come to our beautiful country in hopes of receiving a better lifestyle, and receive more than what they have been hoping for, only its at our costs. We will have to pay more money just to maintain our way of life. Canada should have its immigration policies tightened, and accept only the immigrants that will benefit our lifestyle. The more immigrants we as a country accept the more our wages will slowly decline. Because of rapid growth of cheap labor in the labor force, it drives down the cost...
Canada accepting more immigrants though it may help our economy, and social status among fellow nations, it does little for Canadians except make us pay more in taxes to give the immigrants a "head start" in Canada. They are replacing us in our own jobs and getting paid less to do it, so our cost of labor drops. While immigrants may be making the government money, they do very little for Canadian citizens. And until we see a change no more immigrants should be allowed inside our borders, as immigration in General is not for the better in Canada.

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