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Death Penalty
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The death penalty is the worst sentence someone can receive in the United States. It takes a violent crime to be given the sentence. The question is does anyone deserve the Death Penalty? Should it be used in modern day? Does it save the taxpayers money to execute someone? Why are some people against it? Does anyone ever deserve the death penalty? I think in some cases it should happen. I believe that if someone knowingly takes another persons life, he should be killed also. Even the bibles says that "Whoever strikes a man a mortal blow must be put...
death than whites. Studies show that this is true.

What I think about the death penalty is that it should be used more. The one thing that I don't like is the number of years it takes to put someone to death. Some inmates sit on death row for years. I think that their should be less appeals. If someone is being put to death then in most cases there is a sufficient amount of evidence to support the penalty. I like the idea of the death penalty and I believe that Wisconsin should look at bringing it back.

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