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How a Bill becomes a Law
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The road a bill takes to becoming a law is a long and tedious process. First, the proposed bill goes through the House of representatives. Once the bill has been approved by the House, it is then begins its journey through the Senate. After the bill has been endorsed by the Senate, the houses of congress then meet in conference committees to prepare the bill to be sent to the White House. To summarize, the path the bill takes to become a law is a fairly complex impediment. Now to begin, the bill must primarily go through the obstacles of...
bill has been through all of the revising and has passed through the President and is now a law.

Evidently, it is an extensive and labored trail to the development of a bill to a law. Initially the bill is introduced to the House of Representatives where important readings take place. Secondly, the bill goes the Senate where the it is debated. Third, the bill is altered by both Houses and then placed on President's desk where he or she approves, vetoes, or ignores the bill. Ultimately, the procedure of a bill to law encounters many obstacles to conquer.

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