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Those who oppose legalizing marijuana tell us that legalizing it would be seriously detrimental. Are they looking at the facts? Or do they just believe the same myths that our parents created when they were trying to stop us from becoming drug addicts? Let&rsquos take a closer look at the facts. Violence surrounding drug dealing would be lessened by legalizing marijuana because small time drug dealers would essentially be forced out of business. Larger companies who could produce high quality marijuana at lower cost would prevail. Most people would buy from these companies because they would know the product was...
put them.

The war on drugs is accomplishing as much by chasing marijuana users as a fire fighter would by trying to put out a forest fire with one fire truck. If it is fought back in one place, it pops up in another. Drug enforcement officials are wasting their time and money trying to fight marijuana use. If marijuana were legalized, the money could be better concentrated on keeping minors off drugs. Achievable objectives could be set for law enforcement. Illogical patterns of law enforcement could end and a more responsible approach to controlling marijuana could be developed.

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