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The Criminal Law of People"s Republic of China - What are the guiding principles and characteristics
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Criminal Law is enacted in accordance with the principle of combining punishment with leniency. The Law governs Tasks, Basic Principles, and Scope of Application of the Criminal Law, Crimes, Punishments, The Concrete Application Of Punishments, Crimes of Endangering National Security, Crimes of Endangering Public Security, Crimes of Undermining the Order of Socialist Market Economy, Crimes of Infringing Upon the Rights of the Person and the Democratic Rights of Citizens, Crime of Encroaching on Property, Crimes of Disrupting the Order of Social Administration, Crimes of Endangering the Interests of National Defense, Graft and Bribery, Crimes of Dereliction of Duty, Crimes of...
Law such as some wording still to be too vague to have interpretation, this give large latitude to judges whenever they make verdict. As under Civil Law system, it rarely referred to the previous law cases. There are also improper sentence by the Court when referred to the same case as different region has different routines when give a sentence. This kind of unfair situation must be solved in the future. Generally speaking, it is believed that the Criminal Law will soon be considered by the Chinese authorities to revise again as to make it become even more completed.
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