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The Energy Bill of 25: A Feel Good Proposition
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The Energy Bill of 2005, a great compromise between the House of Representatives and Senate, or simply a statement of intent with no substance? It took a compromise of the House to pass up on proposals of Clean Air rules and the Senate to abandon a requirement that utilities use more renewable fuels to produce electricity and still Public Law 109-190 cannot bring about any real change concerning our nation's energy supply. The United States is in dire need to develop alternative fuel sources and thusly limit its importation, much less dependence, of foreign oil.1 Congress, in passing this bill,...
relatively reasonable for the vast remainder of American citizens. A perfect world would surely have a pluralist form of government; one that equally represented the make-up and proportions of likeminded people groups. But there is no perfect world; only a reality that produces legislation like the 2005 Energy Bill; mistaken for an attractive, all-inclusive bill when its true effect primarily supports the large oil, nuclear, and gasoline industries over the smaller interest groups. Although not the foremost system, stratificationist theory or the "elite rule" theory truly defines not only the energy bill, but government and society in general.

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