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The Trial of Socrates
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One of the most argued cases in the history of law is Socrates' trial. Now when examining the trial of Socrates we can see that there are two different sets of charges laid before him, the old accusations and the new accusations. During the trial Socrates encounters problems. The first problem is the reputation Socrates has is the lying accusations that have been made against him for years 18a, and the fact that he has previously never responded. Socrates" technique is simply to ask questions, he has never really explained himself. This makes the problem worse because most of the...
twenty of five hundred jurors with the awful reputation he had shows that he defended himself really well. However if I were one of the five hundred I would still have voted against him for a couple of reasons. One I got the impression that Socrates wanted to die just to show the world how strongly he believed that what he said was true. Second and most important I would have voted against him because of the fact that he broke the law to prove his innocence. He did this by corrupting the young to vote his way.

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