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Obligations II [Tort] 2002-3: Assignment 1.
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Obligations II [Tort] 2002-3: Assignment 1. LLB 2nd Year. Legal Advisors Memorandum To: The Guardian; Editor & Legal Department From: Amandeep Singh Gahunia Date: 13th December, 2002 Subject: The Michael Fawcett Case Copies to: Catherine Bennett The following document concerns the legal aspects and issues, which will arise through Mr Fawcett's claim of defamation against your newspaper and Catherine Bennett. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further legal advice regarding this subject. Mr Fawcett's claim of Defamation. Mr Fawcett claims the publication in...
It must be noted that changes in this area have arisen due to concern about the seemingly endless rise in levels of awards, thus, any possible damages will not be as heavy as previous cases. In the light of this, the greater effects of Human Rights Act 1998, the possible defences outlined above and the possibility of increasing the circulation of your newspaper by being able to write about your involvement in such a high status case, I conclude you should fight the claim, a course of action which will be extremely beneficial on the balance of the analysis.
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