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How Social Media Affects How Women View Themselves
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How Social Media Affects How Women View Themselves Introduction Social media has become such a big part of our lives in today's society. People's lives revolve around what goes on online and they cannot seem to live without it. They spend a lot of time on social networking sites and looking at media. Society is so affected by what goes on line and with the media that it is affecting how we act and how we want to appear to others. Women worry about their self-image seeing as how all advertisement portrays what women "should" look like....
and Heino,2011). Men are still affected by social media as well. They want to have nice clothes and big muscles like the men on the reality shows have. But since not a lot of research is done on males, it tends to look like females are more affected by media. People need to remember what is important in life and forget about what social media is teaching us. It is affecting how we live out lives. Social media is making life harder then it is. We as a society have to stop letting the media control out lives.  

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