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A response to Gregory Mantsios" essay, Media Magic: Making Class Invisible. Merriam-Webster"s Dictionary defines media as "a medium of communication as newspapers, radio, or television that is designed to reach the mass of the people". For decades media has helped stratify culture by serving as a means to inform the public of the occurrences that take place in our society. The mass media is arguably the most influential in molding public consciousness Mantsios 101. However, the more the media plays a prominent role in highlighting situations in our society the more media stereotypes became inevitable. Which can serve as both...
even through all the adversity that our nation has overcome, that we still maintain these trivial stereotypes, which have been ingrained in our heads. Our media typically skew their views of economic classes towards the white middle and upper classes, rarely representing the interests or perspectives of minority groups, or in the case of the article mentioned above, when putting light on a situation plagued by ethnic groups portraying them in a negative tone. It is ashame that in general minorities have been negatively affected by stereotypical portrayals, and "we" as Americans have not overcome this step in adversity.
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