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Should drug testing be allowed in school athletic programs? Who should be tested - athletes, clubs, band members, or every student? Some people think that drug-testing programs is the answer for those who are drug users. Drug-testing is a controversial matter because it is intrusive; it in fringes on an individual"s right to privacy, and raises a host of legal technical and ethnical matters. It also creates a sense of suspicion and the lack of trust between school staff and student. While others fear that drug programs are an invasion of a persons" privacy and results in punishment. Drug testing...
the bathroom, it is just like being in there with another student during the day.

Drug-testing in schools will always be a controversial issue. Schools need to weigh their options before they introduce a drug-testing program. There will be many steps to consider if schools decide to introduce drug-testing to students. Schools play a positive role in ensuring the student drug users receive appropriate attention. It is clear that drug-testing in high school athletics evokes many social, ethical and legal issues. Drug-testing should be allowed in high schools because keeping the students safe and healthy is an important factor.

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