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Nutrition in the United States
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Are you over weight? Do you get tired easily? Do you struggle with high cholesterol or with high blood pressure? If so, do not worry you are not alone. Thousands of United States citizens suffer from obesity and other food related health problems. These problems can be traced back to the early twentieth century because it was at this time that the technology necessary to manipulate terrestrial food became readily available. This new technology enabled terrestrial foods to play a vital role in the global market, thus affecting the economy and creating social and environmental concerns. Social concerns mainly came...
of FDA regulations and the lamentable depletion of our environment. These have all been the consequences of our over-consumption patterns due to change. These results can be seen in the political, social, economic, cultural, and environmental spectrums. The stark changes in the consumption of terrestrial foods over time have led to: famine, genetically modified food, and obesity. We are currently experiencing the true effects of our previous errors with regards to terrestrial foods. It is now up to us to fix our mistakes and begin a new chapter that will lead our society towards a more environmentally conscientious future.

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