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The Silent Killer Within It's Silent.
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The Silent Killer Within It's Silent. It's unpredictable. And most of all, it's un-curable. Millions of Americans, young and old, suffer because of this debilitating, unsympathetic monster. It's called osteoporosis. And despite the above mentioned characteristics of this disease, it is also preventable as will be shown within. Osteoporosis ŏs"tē-ō-pə-rō"sĭsn., pl. -ses -sēz. A disease in which the bones become extremely porous, are subject to fracture, and heal slowly, occurring especially in women following menopause and often leading to curvature of the spine from vertebral collapse. Millions of Americans have osteoporosis. They are mostly women, but more...
consequences. Yet, millions of Americans are not actively protecting themselves against osteoporosis. Over the past decade, important information has slowly been uncovered about the causes of osteoporosis and the ways to prevent it. One of the most significant findings is that osteoporosis in not an inevitable part of growing older. One of the great myths associated with this disease is that as people age, they are all susceptible to osteoporosis resulting in fractures or becoming "stooped over." This major misconception causes individuals to overlook their risk and to avoid taking the necessary steps to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

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