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Rabies: Closer Than You Think
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Rabies, a virus of the nervous system and salivary glands is a fast moving killer; it's not something to mess around with. Rabies comes from the Latin word "to rage". Rabies is easily associated with rage. When people think of rabies, they usually think of a mad raccoon or dog, foaming at the mouth and running around crazy; dying soon after. The thought of going crazy is a pretty reasonable guess for how rabies torments its victims. The virus enters through a bite or transfer of infected saliva and makes its way through the nerves toward your spinal cord...
not a virus to mess around with. The CSU is probably the thing that you need to protect most in your body, and this virus aims directly for it. Immediate medical attention is a must have when dealing with the rabies virus. A professional medical worker is needed to treat your wound and check for a rabies exposure. PEP and the preexposure vaccine have been made to help rabies victims, and the death rate of rabies victims has gone down increasingly. With today's technology and medical knowledge, more lives are saved everyday from rabies, and many more deadly viruses.
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