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There are many different causes of deaths out there.
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There are many different causes of deaths out there. One of the major causes of death is diseases. There many different kinds of them out there. The number seven leading cause of death from a disease is pneumonia. In 2002, 64,954 people died of pneumonia Pneumonia Facts Sheet. This is an infection of the lung that is either from bacteria, funguses, viral, or parasites. This is a very deadly infection if it goes untreated will kill you. Many people in the world die from this every year without even knowing that they even have it. At one point of my...
of a quarter then progressed to the half of one of my lungs and a quarter of the other. So from experience I know that getting pneumonia is not a fun thing. There is some things that you can do to prevent it. You can get a vaccination that will help out in stopping the affects. The flu shot will also help. But the major thing to do is not to smoke. Smoking interferes with the natural defense of pneumonia. So in the upcoming months of flu season you will see the multiple people becoming ill with it.

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