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Tuberculosis TB Today
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In the article "scientists and the new TB", the author Paul Farmer is discussing the reappearance of Tuberculoses and MDR TB and more prominently its association to HIV. He additionally clarifies that the patients whom are poor and who have been deficient of education are held responsible for containing the illness and the health care systems conventionally does not attempt to cure these patients, on the contrary tends to hold them accountable for carrying the illness and not complying with the health care professionals. His additional dispute is that the forces of poverty, economic inequalities, political violence and racism are...
persons with a disease most probably will get cured due to the not ideal, but good quality and free health care system.

In conclusion Paul Farmer"s article appeared valid and I concur with the majority of his conclusion and declaration, apart from that poor people in industrialized countries do not obtain the precise treatment. Canada is an incredibly superior model of an industrialized country that has been very active in serving the ones infected to be given the proper treatment. As I mentioned previously the system is not perfect but it does assist the ones in need.

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