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My Five Year Plan After Graduation
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Five years after graduation I plan to obtain a master"s degree in law enforcement. Right now I"am really not sure what I really want to truly do for the rest of my life. The only thing I like doing is finding clues and figuring out the criminal in mystery books. I know that sense I like doing that, it leads me to desiring a position as a detective or something dealing with the FBI. Im thinking that its most likely that I will go to a university. If I do, I will go to the University of Phoenix. I'm attending...
me for doing something right for once. My future family is also one because it's a big part of my life that I want to be happy and always feel comfortable. Finally for my personal financial well-being, so I can be able to treat myself to all the luxuries I want for myself. Going back to line one, all of these things are a part of my future. Isn't that what college is for after all, to prepare people for their own futures and what they bring? A university is not my future, it's only the beginning of it.
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