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Artists throughout History That Have Self-Destructed
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The most successful or famous artists are not always as happy as successful people are portrayed- living a life of fame, fortune, and glamour. The following examples will show some of the problems that four different artists have suffered in the past century. Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who lived from March 30, 1853 to July 29, 1890. He is now one of the most famous painters in modern art World Book 306. He only sold one painting in his living days, but now his paintings are considered priceless. Some of his paintings and drawings include: The Bedroom...
was depressed because:

a His band was on the verge of breaking up. b His marriage to Courtney Love was "on the rocks."

But the reason that many of his fans have found believable was the fact that he had re-entered his heroin habit that he had just recently overcome. This was so devastating to him that he just couldn"t take it and took the easiest way out- suicide Maples 7.

These artists all have gone to the extreme of committing suicide. And though many of their works have been exemplary, the endings of their lives definitely were not.

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