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Lisa, a 43-year-old woman was diagnosed with lung cancer, terminal disease. For the past 2 years Lisa has been receiving chemotherapy and taking numerous types of medication trying to prolong her life. This life prolonging treatment caught up with her. Everyday now Lisa has to battle just to get out of bed, everyday getting worse and worse. The doctors now tell Lisa she has six to eight months to live, and she has to receive 6 hours of therapy everyday. Lisa then breaks down in tears. She decides she doesn"t want to go through anymore pain or suffering. Now knowing...
to die nevertheless the excruciating pain they go through. Then and only then will people come to comprehend, maybe death sometimes is the best way out. Why go through all the hospice care only to prolong your pain and suffering? You have to put aside all your religious beliefs, all your moral beliefs and everything else you were raised to believe. Its about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and if taking your own life to ease your pain makes your happy then so be it. Everybody has the right to choose the way they live or die!
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