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Some things are logically possible LP.
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Some things are logically possible LP. Others are physically possible PP and yet others are Physically Actual PA. The things that are logically necessary LN are excluded from this discussion because they constitute a meta-level: they result from the true theorems in the logical systems within which LP, PP and PA reside. In other words: the LN are about relationships between the three other categories. The interactions between the three categories LP, PP, PA yield the LN through the application of the rules and theorems of the logical system within which all four reside. We are, therefore, faced with six...
physical system. Only PP entities can interact with PA entities such as our brains are. Thus, every logically possible thing must form in the brain. It can do so, only if it is physically possible ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£ really, only, if in some limited way, it is also physically actual. The physically possible is the blueprint of the physically actual. It is as PP PA blueprints that they interact with our PA brain to produce the LP and later on, the PA. This is the process of human discovery and invention and a succinct summary of what we fondly call: "civilization".
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