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Body Image - A Body Unknown
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It happened suddenly, surprisingly and overnight. One day I was a child and the next I was a sex object. Catching everyone from friends to teachers, parents to siblings off guard I had grown into a women and to some, a piece of female specimen that welcomed sexual advances, harassment and jokes. The one thing that has defined my womanhood more then anything else has been my breasts. I was thrown, unarmed into this situation at the tender age of 13, since then my views have changed. At 13 I viewed my buxomest body as a toy, an advantage, but...
pretty hair is not going to be offended when someone grabs her hair. There is a fine line between a woman that is sexy and a woman that is a sex object. Almost every woman has been a sex object at least once in their lives, but there are a few women that are sex objects constantly. There is a common perception that needs to be changed. A woman should be able to be a sexy and smart. A person's mind is a precious thing, a smart thing, and a beautiful thing; let's not let sexuality override that truth.
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