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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a scientific approach to the study of society.
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Scientific approach can be defined as the involvement of standards and procedures for demonstrating the empirical warrant of its findings, showing the match or fit between its statements and what is happening or has happened in the world. Scientific approaches to understanding the world can be distinguished from other approaches in two fundamental and irrelevant ways, firstly, an approach that claim to be scientific irrespective of whether or not it originates in the field of natural or human science must demonstrably have empirical relevance to the world. Empirical relevance involves showing that any statements, descriptions and explanations used or derived...
to establish what causes crime; instead they try to discover how certain events come to be defined as crimes and certain people defined as criminal.

In conclusion they are different views that the various sociologists views the scientific approach to society, for instance the interactionists and phenomenologists both believes that humans do not react and respond passively to an external society. They see humans as actively creating their own meanings and their own society in interaction with each other whereas the positivist assumes that the behaviour of humans, like the behaviour of matter, can be objectively measured.

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