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'National cultures are still very important'. Evaluate this view of the globalization of culture.
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The purpose of this essay is to examine the effect of globalization on national culture and to assess the importance of national culture in the light of cultural globalization. In order to understand the meaning of globalization a workable definition is required. It is widely accepted that the world is changing more rapidly in the century; top technology has created the ability to communicate across the world in a matter of seconds. Globalization is about concepts, events, economies, ideas, information, entertainment, all going round the globe without recognizing nation boundaries. This changes people's lives in relation to how they're shaped...
have us believe. Again they point out that national cultures main stead fast and it is the perception of globalization that these cultures will not be swamped. All perspectives acknowledge that national culture is in competition with global culture and the ever increasing advances in technology make it more difficult to retain national identity. Also global corporations compete vigorously for world markets whilst many nation states struggle to go back the flow of liberal economic ideas. The feature is uncertain but ultimately rests with the individual consumer and how these new technologies and products affect their lives.

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