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Aim: To investigate the action of the enzyme catalyse
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Aim: To investigate the action of the enzyme catalyse Hydrogen Peroxide Water + Oxygen 2 H2 02 2H2 0 + 02 Hydrogen peroxide is a poisonous waste product in chemical reactions. Catalyse converts it to water and oxygen rapidly. Factors affecting reaction P.H Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide Temperature Concentration of catalyze in potato Prediction I think that the greater the surface area of catalyst the faster the reaction will occur, this is because there is more chance of the molecules colliding with each other because there are more enzymes and...
get a bung that sealed so it was all right. Instead of trying to use a conical flask, we could have used a gas syringe to collect the oxygen in. This would be more accurate because there is less chance of losing any oxygen, because it is a direct connection and unlikely to leak or move out of position. If we had more time we could of done some further experiments like, Using different potatoes, changing the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide, or changing the temperature the experiment was done at enzymes work best at 30 to 40c.

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