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An experiment to find the Optimum temperature for an Enzyme
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Background Information ?â?£ There are three main types of Enzymes. These are Carbohydrases, Protease and Lipases. ?â?£ Enzymes can be used over and over again. ?â?£ If the temperature is too low the Substrate Starch has less thermal energy which means that there will be less movement, less collisions with the active site and therefore there will be less digestion. ?â?£ If the temperature is higher than optimum the active site will Denature and will become less efficient at digesting the Starch but if the temperature is too high the active site will completely...
the enzyme is used at any temperature below 37?é??C it is slowed down in its process and when heated to a temperature above 40?é??C the enzyme gets too hot and completely denatures therefore causing the enzyme not to digest the starch.

I had an Anomalous result. An anomalous result is when something happens that you can not explain, in my case this was when the diastase and the starch was cooled down to 20?é??C and instead of the diastase taking a shorter time to digest the starch than it had at 10?é??C it took a longer.

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