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An Introduction to Marram Grass
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Several methods may be used to prevent aeolian erosion, to increase the height and stability of existing dunes, to repair damaged dunes and to encourage sand accumulation. Where fresh sand deposits around obstructions such as grass clumps show conditions conducive to natural dune formation, plantings of native vegetation or structural barriers can be used to start and accelerate sand accumulation. Planting of native vegetation should be the primary method for erosion prevention dune, construction, improvement and repair. Structures, such as fencing or ashier hedges see next section can help trap sand and stabilize dunes, but they should be used...
species. However, when the vigour of Marram Grass decreases and there is no succession, sand drift is inevitable. Above all, the failure of Marram Grass plantings on these bare sites results in large costs in the maintenance of coastal foredunes. It has been found that harmful soil organisms, notably nematodes and fungi, may be involved in the degeneration of Marram Grass. Harmful soil organisms were found in the soil of both vigourous and degenerating stands, but not in beach sand. Burial by fresh, windblown sand may enable the Marram Grass to overcome its harmful soil-organisms by escape.

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