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An Investigation into Osmosis in Potato Chips
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Hypothesis: The higher level of concentration of the sugar solution, the greater reduction of the potato cylinder will be. Prediction: I think that the higher the concentration of the sugar solution, the bigger the length difference will be. This will be because the water molecules will flow out of the potato cylinder due to osmosis. I think that the shape of the graph with the end results will have a steady rising. I will not use concentrations of the sugar solution that are too high because this could make the potato cylinders extremely fragile. This is not what I...
I could do, could be to change the temperature of the experiment to see whether osmosis happens more at higher temperatures. If I wanted, I could measure the rate at which osmosis happens at 21oC. This could be done by doing multiple experiments at different sucrose concentrations and doing the experiment for precise timings i.e. plus or minus 0.5 seconds of 1 hour. With this, I would make sure the surface area is exactly the same and also I would measure the change of weight instead of length, as length is far too inaccurate for this type of experiment.
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