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ASpects of health
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The Respiratory System Organs involved are lungs, capillaries The body requires oxygen to survive as it feeds muscles, tissues, and organs. The air we inhale breathe in into our bodied consists of: GAS AIR INHALED AIR EXHALED Oxygen 21% 16% Carbon Dioxide 0.04% 4% Water vapour Varies from environment Large amounts Nitrogen makes up most of the air we breathe in but is not relevant to this system. Also the amount of Oxygen used in the body is the same as the amount of carbon dioxide produced. Only a small amount of oxygen...
pale substance that is made up of 90% water. The rest is made up from glucose, amino acids, fats, calcium, urea, carbon dioxide, antibodies and fibrinogen.

White cells Lymphocyte, Granulocyte, Monocyte the white cells are the immune system for the body. White cells are produced in lymph nodes and bone marrow. These cells can find and destroy any infections. Only a few white cells can kill bacteria and viruses.

Platelets- these help blood to clot. They are what forms a scab and reduces blood flow when we have a cut.

Diagrams of blood cells-

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