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Concentration of Substrate
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I have to plan and carry out an experiment to investigate the way in which concentration of a substrate affects the rate of an enzyme-catalysed reaction. I will need to carry out some background information to find out what may affect my experiment. Background Information: An enzyme is a biological catalyst. They speed up the rate of a reaction however they are not affected themselves whilst doing this, this is why they are catalysts. Enzymes are made to be specific, this means that they can have only one substrate that they will work on. Each enzyme...
using more accurate data-loggers that would provide more accurate results, taken at every exact 30 seconds. Also a different machine could have been used to measure the exact amount of enzymes in each experiment. Also more substrate concentrations could have been used to prove the whole experiment was correct. Another thing to be done would be to do more repeats for each concentration, this would make results more accurate when finding averages. This experiment could also be done the same except changing something else each time, like the amount of celery, keeping the same concentration of the substrate.

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