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Osmosis Investigation
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Introduction Osmosis is defined as the diffusion of water molecules, down a water potential gradient, across a partially permeable membrane. If the solutions on each side of the partially permeable membrane are equally concentrated then there will be no net movement of water across the membrane. If the solution outside the cell has a low concentration of solute, this causes cells to become turgid as water flows into them, or if the solution outside the cell is of high concentration the cells become plasmolysed as the water flows out. Aim The aim of this investigation is to...
Use a wider range of sucrose solutions.

?é?À When the potato was dried to remove surface liquid it was not necessarily done the same on each potato, allowing some to weigh more.

?é?À Although the osmotic potential for this investigation was estimated, a more scientific approach would have been better.

?é?À Selecting a better root vegetable to see how the results differ.

These points can all be taken into consideration for a re- test, but I believe this experiment went well and we obtained the results that proved my hypothesis and prediction.

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