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The deconstruction of an Audi car advertisement. Media
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'In the nick of time' is one of a new generation of car advertisements. It moves away from the stereotypical sales-tactics of its predecessors i.e. young attractive males driving fast cars that vastly improve their sex-lives, and tries to appeal to a different audience. This advertisement slips the Audi Car cleverly in to a niche in the market for a family vehicle. With a thoughtfully constructed and intricate text, which works on three main levels, the visual associations, the story line and the voice over, it creates a very attractive image for the car. 'In the nick of time' attaches...
inheritance for future generations. In fact the voice-over even says the words 'new generation' when referring to the Audi car: "In short, will it be one of the new generation of Audis?" Also, the final sound effect of the advertisement is that of the newborn baby crying. This is a very potent ending to the advertisement as the sound of babies crying is a proven way to stimulate protective instincts in the targeted young parents. It leaves the audience with the clear message that to protect and provide for you children, you should be driving an Audi.

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