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Electrochemistry ?é?À Electrolytic cells An electrolytic cell is one where a non-spontaneous reaction occurs due to an external electric force placed on the cell. These are just volatic cells run backwards: for example, the reaction ?é?À Zns + Cu+2aq -> Zn+2aq + Cus E0 = 1.101 V ?é?À Zn+2aq + Cus -> Zns + Cu+2aq E0 = -1.101 V run forward top reaction is a voltaic cell generating 1.101 V at standard conditions. The bottom reaction is just the electrolytic cell: place a potential greater than 1.101 V on the cell and it will run...
water and electricity, but an electrolytic cell can combine water and electricity to produce hydrogen and oxygen--a non-spontaneous reaction. Electrolysis has applications in the production of pure metals from their ores in and in electroplating.

The most common types of problems in electrolysis focus on electroplating and the electrolysis of water. In our discussion of the electrolysis of water, we will probe this specific example of water as typical of the electrolytic processes. In the electroplating section, we will cover the process of how electroplating works and explore some of the common types of problems in electroplating.

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