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To find out how temperature affects the viscosity of oil.
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Aim: To find out how temperature affects the viscosity of oil. Equipment: Oil, water bath, thermometer, beaker and funnel, measuring cylinder Plan: Oil will be poured through a funnel into a beaker. We will be timing how long it takes the oil to pour completely out of the measuring cylinder and through the funnel. The oil will firstly be placed in a hot water bath to heat it up to a desired temperature. A water bath will be used as using a Bunsen burner to heat it up would be unsafe and the oil would explode....
As we were using a certain type of oil, it might have been designed to work at that sort of temperature.

Evaluation: In my opinion, the results I obtained were fair. I believe this as the three readings for each temperature were very similar. My results definitely show a fall in viscosity as the temperature rises.

To make my results more accurate, I could have used a larger temperature range, for instance I could have started the temperature range a 1oc and finished at 81oc. Perhaps this is an experiment I could od in the future.

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