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I used a personal computer PC and not a Macintosh or a laptop.
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I used a personal computer PC and not a Macintosh or a laptop. I could have used a laptop but it needs special hardware to use and is harder to expand and upgrade this would have an impact on my work because I would have to have bought also the laptop could never be as good a using a PC. My software separate from the school. I am not using a Mac. Because the school does not have any and it would require different software and hardware to what I am using, also it is not compatible with...
information and an excellent communication tool, and all this is made possible by the use of ICT.

I believe that ICT is a very useful tool and that all people can benefit from in it. It also make communication over huge distances very easy, this benefits large companies and families alike. I believe that ICT has amazing potential, especially with the use of the Internet. The concept is amazing. I believe that ICT is a good thing, but it can be turned to bad use, but with proper precautions this problem can be solved.

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