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IT Database Project
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Analysis Introduction For my project I am designing a database for an estate agent, a database would be useful to an estate agents because they handle a lot of data, and need a versatile and reliable system of handling it. They will require a useful filing method and quick access. We could use a program like excel to help collect data, but it only displays spreadsheets, and is not as intricate and advanced as Microsoft database. Microsoft Database is an excellent choice for this solution, because it can be tailored to your needs. Database requirements ...
I have designed search methods that only bring up smaller amounts of data for pulmonary filtered searches. All the different designs of my database are stages in perfecting it, I have removed some fields which are apparently not used, and added some which are needed e.g. Extra info, which proves to be very useful due to the nature of the data being inputted which varies greatly and often has other information which cannot be placed in the standard fields. Here are some screen shots of my final choices for my design, and underneath why I have chosen them.

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