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The tall trees, sway majestically in the sharp, Autumn breeze. They rustle as their final leaves are stolen from their limbs, leaving them naked and vulnerable to the cold, dark, night. Squirrels motor along the smallest of branches, shaking the last hardy leaves down to their final resting place on the forest floor. Rabbits dart across the clearing, playing chicken with the foxes, camouflaged by the night, anticipating their attack. The foxes sneak, silently towards the point where they have the best chance of catching the dinner which they have so long awaited. The rabbit's ears twitch and he runs...
at the top, threw himself carelessly onto the other side. He found himself on the side of a busy road. He could hear the sound of the dog and master clambering up the fence, still in hot pursuit of him and cars on the other side of him. He was trapped between a rock and a hard place. Not knowing what to do he stupidly ran into the speeding traffic. A massive lorry sounded its horn as it came hurtling towards him. He froze, terrified and panic-stricken, he just stood there like a rabbit dazzled in the headlights.

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