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It was a cold, snowy day.
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It was a cold, snowy day. Snow was coming into my eyes and nose. I didn't wear gloves so I couldn't feel my fingers. And my feet were like a block of ice. Leaves have fallen from the trees. And the snow was about 50 centimetres high from the ground. It was winter and not a really excellent day to be my first day in school. When I first saw the school it was huge. People were calling it for the mountain because of its colour. There were a lot of students playing on the playground and teachers were...
was better than not to say it. "I love you too." Then we continued the kissing. "I told you I could get you this far from our first date." "But you didn't get that far. And you won't in a while." "Do you want to bet?" "No?óÔé¼?ª not this time." "So?óÔé¼?ªDid I change your opinion?" "Yes. You did from the first moment I spoke to you." We went downstairs again and everyone was looking. I guess they knew about it but we kept it quiet in a few days then we told them. But they never looked surprised.

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