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A view from the bridge
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In this play 'A view from the bridge' Miller discusses Eddie Carbone as a tragic hero. The concept of a tragic hero originates from Greek tragedy. Eddie Carbone conforms to this by being what is known to Greek tragedy as a protagonist. This is usually the first or most important actor in the play, in this case Eddie Carbone and who commits an offence. This is often unknown but gradually over the event of the play he may then learn his fault, suffer and possibly die. Eddie Carbone's flaw is that he is in love with his niece...
was, but I think the finale of the play is not when Eddie finally dies but when Beatrice tells Eddie what he has been denying for so long?óÔé¼?ªhis love for Catherine not as a daughter but as a lover, "You want something else, Eddie, and you can never have her!" Eddie reacts to this by crying out in agony fists clenched he still denies it. By this reaction you can tell Eddie knows it is the truth and is distraught with the fact that he has to say goodbye to her and that they can never be lovers.

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