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Quite literally dying to be thin.
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Quite literally dying to be thin. I'm not here to bore you or lecture you on something that will never concern any of you. I'm standing here in front of you all to tell you of something that affects everyone everyday. I know not only from research but, from person experience. A heart braking memory I'm willing to share in the hope I may possibly help reach out to someone. If I make this speech five hundred times and save one life I will have accomplished far more than a lot of people out there. I wake...
eyes! And to be quite truthful I'm having trouble accepting the fact that you're gone, so I wont. I just see it that we are going a while without seeing each other. I can understand why God would want you close to him, as you truly was an angel on earth. I love you and I miss you.

I thank you for listening and hope even a little of what I said made you think. It's far easier to focus on bad things than good so all I ask is for you to think before you speak.

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