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Autumn by john keats
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Autumn by john Keats Upon first glance, John Keats"s "To Autumn" may seem like a deeply descriptive poem about changing of seasons. However, a closer look will reveal that through his apostrophe, he speaks of autumn as a person to convey his perception of change and death and rebirth. Stanza 1 has a regular pattern of 10 syllables on each line and the rhyme goes; A, B, A, B, C, D, E, D, C, C, E. The tone is relaxed and definitely has a positive effect by describing 'and fill all fruit with ripeness to the core' Keats...
due to the re-birth that follows as shown with the unexpected lively sounds of crickets and red breasts whistling. Structurally, the apostrophe follows a definite pattern of gradual time change with distinct imagery used in each stanza. In our younger years, we feel our way through situations and move with our sensations but it isn"t till we get old that we see and understand what life is about. Peace is gained leading to death where we believe nothing is left but to hear the songs of our youth spring until re-birth occurs and this cycle begins once again.

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