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Compare the Language Macbeth Uses in Two of His Soliloquies with the Way He Speaks On Two Occasions When He Was Talking To Other People
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A soliloquy is an actor's address to the audience, which reveals a characters feelings at that time, and also his innermost thoughts. They are used in Macbeth in many places, by Macbeth mainly, but also many other characters, when they are thinking something over in their minds, for example when Macbeth was pondering whether to kill Duncan or not. The first soliloquy in Macbeth is in Act One Scene Three, and the witches have told Macbeth, that he already was Thane of Glamis, would soon be Thane of Cawdor, and soon after that would be King. Then after the...
these show qualities worthy of a King, and it is totally different to when he was talking to himself. I can infer this is because when he was talking to himself, it was the true Macbeth, but when he was talking to other people it was a put-on Macbeth, to please whoever was around him, when he was talking to his wife he let her get her own way, and when he was talking to everyone, he kept quiet and let them get on with their conversation, in case he let something slip, about him being the murderer.

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