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COMPARISION OF THE LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER AND THE SPECKLED BAND Ronald Dahl wrote Lamb To the Slaughter. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Speckled Band. Both stories are both murders, but differ in many ways. The author Ronald Dahl is more associated with children stories such as 'James and the Giant Peach' being one of many. Arthur C Doyle is well known because he is the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes, murder, and mystery novels. The Speckled Band is a Sherlock Holmes plot. You know from the beginning it is a murder mystery. With a plot, weapon and victims....
a dowry when they get married. So he keeps the wealth himself. What he doesn't expect is the murder weapon that he used to actually kill him. This is what I would class a just desserts. I enjoyed Lamb to the Slaughter the best as it is set in modern times and quite funny. The grammar was easier to read and understand and you also had an empathy with the two main characters. The Speckled Band had good description but wasn't as easy to read as the grammar used was significant of the 19th century when it was written.
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