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How does the war poetry you have studied refelct chaging attiudes to war?
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The First World War began in 1914 and ended in 1918. This "Great War" killed millions of people and was intended to last only a few months. The attitudes at the beggining of the war were extremely pro-war and soldiers were thought to be brave and heroic. By the end of 1918, attiudes had changed a great deal with most believing the war was futile and stupid. Poetry helped in many ways to address the changes in attiudes during WW1. I will compare "Dulce et Decorum Est ", "Anthem for Doomed Youth " both by Wilfred Owen and "Who"s...
or physically disturbed. Owen stated in "Dulce et Decorum Est" the soldiers were like "knock kneed, old beggars under sacks" knock proud happy men.

Although I don"t like "Who"s for the game?", I think its an effective poem. If I was a young boy reading this poem during the war I"m sure it would leave me with the view that I should be fighting in the war. Pope writes in a very directive way she points her writing directly at the reader, "Come on lads" and "calling for you". This shows the use of persuavive language.

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