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My Dream-creative writting
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When my family and I left Vietnam for America we were told that everyone would be a landowner, we would live like kings and could make money so easy and also everyone would live equally. This was a wonderful dream for my family as well as for the majority of the Far East Asian families. We had to pay a big amount of money, in-order for us to step onto America's land. My family's dream is to own a farm or a ranch. However America's life at the time was a disaster as most of the people around...
goes by I have managed to become a movie star and got married to the director's daughter and lived in a luxury life with my wife and three kids. However I have never forgotten about my family, which I then went around America looking for them during the time when I had just became famous. I have managed to rejoin with everyone in my family and now we all lived happy together with plenty of land and money just like what we always dreams of when we have decided to leave Vietnam for America.

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